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Chandra L. Corriveau

Address: 3292 Production Way Suite #501
City/State: Burnaby BC
Zip Code: V5A 4R4
Phone: (604) 415-4737

Built on the intensive attention to crucial details that we give to clients’ legal issues, you can be sure that you will be taken care of properly if you come to us. We always begin with a consultation that allows you to get to know us and us to get to know you. We want to be familiar with every detail pertaining to your unique situation so that nothing gets overlooked. At the same time, we are experienced, result-oriented lawyers who never let the details get in the way of helping you achieve the outcomes that are important to you.

When legal problems first arise, it is important that you retain an experienced and skilled lawyer to help you resolve them immediately. Chandra L. Corriveau has the experience and skills you need to succeed.

We are conveniently located in Burnaby and is dedicated to providing quality legal services in the following practice areas:

  • Criminal Law Burnaby BC,
  • Sexual Assault Attorney Burnaby BC,
  • Domestic Assault Attorney Burnaby BC,
  • Kidnapping Law Burnaby BC,
  • Attempted Murder Law Burnaby BC,
  • Murder Law Burnaby BC,
  • Money Laundering Attorney Burnaby BC,
  • Drug Cases Burnaby BC,
  • Extortion Law Burnaby BC,

We believe hiring an attorney should feel like lifting a tremendous burden from your shoulders. We take on your problems, and proactively resolve them as if they were our own. We invite you to contact our office to determine if we can be of assistance to you.

Call us today at (604) 415-4737. We can help! We look forward to hearing from you.

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